iInstall Reborn Creator – Host information

On this panel enter the information about the host you want to connect to:

Fill out the fields as needed.

Field Description
IBM i IP or Name The IP address or DNS name of the iSeries you want to connect to.
User profile The user profile to use for the connection.Please note: The user profile must have authority to use the SAV command.
Password The password associated with the user profile.
Save in settings file Checking this box will save the host IP/Name and the user profile in the settings file for iInstall Reborn Creator. Next time you come to this panel, the fields will be filled. If you un-check the box, the values will not be saved.About the password: The password is not saved in the settlings. However, as long as the program runs, the password remains in the Password field.
/QSYS.LIB lib for workfiles Enter the name of the library where work files and objects should be stored during the build process. Normally this value can be set to QGPL, but maybe you do not have authority to create objects in QGPL. In this case you will need to enter the name of a library that you have create authority fore.

Added in V1.40.

Click on the button ‘Next >’ to logon to the host.

About connecting to the host

iInstall Reborn Creator relies on the JT400 toolbox to do all the communication. In the sub-folder iInstCrt_lib is the version of JT400 that was a part of the iInstallReborn.zip you downloaded. The JT400.jar must be compatible with the version of OS/400 that your IBM i is running. For further information look at this (to come) article on the FAQ for iInstall Reborn.