Wachs Commander – an IBM i utility

Wachs Commander - an IBM i utilityWachs Commander (pronounced Wax Kommander) is a easy-to-use file/object management utility for the IBM i.

Wachs Commander simplifies the task of navigating around the disc storage on the IBM i and gives a good overview of files/objects in the directories/libraries. Wachs Commander gives easy selection of files/objects and copy, move, delete of groups of files/objects.

Wachs Commander works on the IFS and allows you to work with files/objects in any mounted file system, including the QSYS.LIB file system of cause 🙂

wc1Wachs Commander is inspired by, and is a tribute to Norton Commander®. Because of this, command keys (F-keys) are, in general, assigned as they were in Norton Commander®. E.g. to exit Wachs Commander you must press F10. All command keys are described in the documentation.

When you are used to use PDM® to see and work with objects in libraries, using Wachs Commander is a little different, but much like using the IBM i command WRKLNK. The major difference is, that when working on objects in the QSYS.LIB file system, files of the type Database and Source file are treated as directories (whereas device files (DSPF, TAP, OPT etc.) are not). In the directory you will find the members. Further, objects are displayed with their object type as extension, as it is with the WRKLNK command.


You will get a ZIP file. Unpack the executable JAR file in the ZIP file to a folder on your pc and launch the JAR file by double click on it. It is required that you have Java V1.8 or newer installed on your PC.

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You will find the documentation for Wachs Commander here:

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