Check for new version in iInstall Reborn 1.40 and earlier returns 'You are using the current version of the software'

After my site was switched to HTTPS, the updater build in iInstall Reborn V1.40 and before, always return the message 'You are using the current version of the software'.

The correction for this is to manually update the iinstcrt.prop file. You will find it in the 'iInstall Reborn' folder. Open the file with a text editor, e.g. Notepad, and change the line:




Save the file and restart iInstall Reborn and click on the button 'Check for new version'. And, voilá, you will get the message that a new version exists.

iInstall Reborn V1.50 - An elegant method of distributing IBM i objects

Version 1.50 of iInstall Reborn is released and have new features:

  • Option to run a command after successful installation
  • Spelling mistakes in installer has been fixed

With iInstall Reborn you do not need to type FTP and OS/400 command to prepare a package of your software. Nor does your customers and friends.

iInstall Reborn's wizard lets your customers install your software, without the hassle of issuing lots of commands for savefiles, transfers etc.

Take a look at this video that shows how easy it is to install one of my utilities, using iInstall Reborn:

Why not give it a test drive yourself? Click on the link below to learn more about iInstall Reborn.

» iInstall Reborn


Format numbers in short form

For a tool of mine, I needed to format numbers in short form. The utility is to display the size of files and objects, and I needed it to be like 123 KB, 456 MB etc.. The result is this number formatting procedure.

» Num2BPre() and Num2SPre() ILE RPG procedures

Dynamically create a popup menu from your programs

For a tool of mine, I needed a popup menu to let the user select between a number of options. I wanted to the menu to adapt it's size to the options that the user can select. This rules out DDS as it is 'fixed-sized'. The result is this popup menu procedure that uses Dynamic Screen Manager to write the display.

» PopupMenu() ILE RPG procedure

In search of an IFS file or object?

If you have the need to easily search for a file or object in the IFS, then have a look at this ILE RPG procedure I have written. It allows you to search all or a part of the IFS tree structure for a file or object. File mask is supported.

» FindFiles() ILE RPG procedure

Wachs Commander: Easy navigation in the IFS of your IBM i

wc12Wachs Commander (pronounced Wax Kommander) is a easy-to-use file/object management utility for the IBM i. It simplifies the task of navigating around the disc storage on the IBM i and gives a good overview of files/objects in the directories/libraries. Wachs Commander gives easy selection of files/objects and copy, move, delete of groups of files/objects.

Wachs Commander works on the IFS and allows you to work with files/objects in literally any mounted file system, including the QSYS.LIB file system of cause 🙂

wc1Wachs Commander is inspired by, and is a tribute to Norton Commander®.

Read more about Wachs Commander and download it from here:

» Wachs Commander

Can Windows Command files be used with IBM i?

Yes they can. You can actually build quite sophisticated utilities with Windows Commands files.

Read these articles and get wiser on the subject:

» At last! Useable data from IBM i using FTP

» Windows batch files and IBM i


Time for some fun on the IBM i

april2Usually tools and utilities are about being more productive. So, don't you think it is time for a little fun?

Even though April is far away, you can take a look at my article about the Aprils Fool application I wrote.

» It is time for Aprils Fool

The Danish corner

da_DK Articles for Danes, in Danish.

Kan man bruge Windows Command filer med IBM i/iSeries?

Ja, det kan man da 🙂 Med Windows Command filer kan du lave nogle gode og effektive værktøjer.

Læs min artikelserie om Windows Command filer til brug med IBM i/iSeries:

» Endelig! Brugbare data med FTP fra IBM i

» Mere om Windows Command filer

» Windows Command filer for iSeries nørder

Må man lave sjov på en IBM i?

Det må man, og selvom der er lang tid til den 1. april, er det oplagt at lave lidt aprilsnar med kollegaerne 🙂

Læs artiklen, og hent programmerne, her:

» Tid til en lille aprilsnar