iInstall Reborn Creator – Build in batch

iInstall Reborn can build packages in batch mode by use of command line parameters.

To build in batch all the following command line parameters must be supplied:

    Required parameter.
  • /HOST:{ IP number or name of IBM i }
    Required parameter.
  • /USERID:{ user id }
    Required parameter.
  • /PASSWORD:{ password }
    Required parameter.
  • { name of script file }
    Required parameter.
  • /TGTRLS:{ version save in | *CURRENT | *PRV }
    Optional parameter. If not given, the value *CURRENT will be used.

Example of calling iInstall Reborn Creator to build a package in batch mode:

> iInstCrt.jar /host:myibmi /userid:myuser /password:mypassword /build:jar /tgtrls:*current "\\MyServer\MyFolder\MyScriptFile.iic"

This Windows command will build all packages in the current directory:

> for %a in (*.iic) do (start /w iInstCrt.jar /userid:myuserid /password:mypassword /host:myibmi "%a" /build:jar)