iInstall Reborn Installer – Command line parameters

iInstall Reborn can build packages in batch mode by use of command line parameters.

To build in batch all the following command line parameters must be supplied:

Parameter Description
/HOST: Name or IP of host to connect to.
/USERID: User id for host
/PASSWORD: Password for host
/PASV: Passive installation.

The installation is done using the FTP server on the IBM i. This setting controls if files are to be transferred to the IBM i using the FTP option PASV. If the PASV option is to be used, set the value to TRUE.

Supported values: TRUE, ON, 1, FALSE, OFF, 0

/TLSSSL: Secure connection.

If a secure connection is to be made between the client running the installation and the IBM i, this flag must be set to TRUE.

Supported values: TRUE, ON, 1, FALSE, OFF, 0

/WORKLIB: Library for workfiles.

By default the installation will use QGPL for storing temp objects during the installation. If the user profile provided, does not have create authority in QGPL, another library where the user profile do have create authority must be used.

/LOG Write a log file.

Adding this parameter to the command line, will create a log file in the same directory as the JAR file is located. The log contains all the steps done and the status of these steps.

Example of calling iInstall Reborn Creator to build a package in batch mode:

> testing1.jar /host:myibmi /userid:myuser /password:mypassword /pasv:true /log

Command line parameters was added in V1.40.