iInstall Reborn Installer – Welcome

After the Executable JAR is launched, The Welcome screen of the installation wizard is shown.

iInstall Reborn Installer. Opening screen, registered copy.

The Welcome screen gives some general information about the software to be installed.

Just below the text ‘This installation package was created by’ is the name of the company or person that have created this installation package, using a registered copy of iInstall Reborn.

Installing using a unregistered copy of iInstall Reborn

If the copy of iInstall Reborn that was used to create this installation package is unregistered, then the Welcome screen looks something like this:

iInstall Reborn Installer. Opening screen, unregistered copy.

Every time you click on the ‘Next >’ button, this message is displayed:

iInstall Reborn Installer. Dialog shown on unregistered copy.