Jesper’s ToolBox for IBM i – Program References

Program References - PgmRefProgram References is a command that displays a program’s references to other objects. Further, the command allows you to drill down into called program to track the references.

An option displays information about the objects that are referenced by the program in question.


On an iSeries command line, type:


and press [F4] to prompt the command. Fill the fields with name of program and library name where program is stored. Press [ENTER]. The screen showing the program’s references will be displayed.

Use option ‘5’ to drill down. This is only valid for objects of type *PGM. You can drill down 99 levels.

Use option ‘8’ to view information about the object.

When drilling down, use [F12] to go back up one level.

Descriptions for the objects referenced, are retrieved during the run of the command. If an object is referenced by *LIBL and this objects is not in the current library list, then the text ‘*Not found’ is displayed next to the object.