Jesper’s ToolBox for IBM i – Selection Window

Selection Window - SLTWINSelection Window is a command that present a list of choices to the user, at lets the user select.

Selection Window offers three types of window borders and customizable header, footer, selection text and F-Key assigment. This allows you to tailer the use of the command to your local language.

Selection Window - SLTWINTwo programs that demonstrate the features of the command are installed including their source.


In your own CL program, simply add:


and prompt the command. Fill the fields with the values that are needed for your project.

One of three border types can be selected:

  • *IBM
    Gives a frame of dots in blue.
    Gives a thick green frame.
  • *ALERT
    Gives a thick red frame. On some terminals, the frame will blink.

Known issues

Depending on how you use the Selection Window command, you might see, that borders that are overlayed, are not shown correctly. As long as you simply use the command for a one level selection, this is not an issue.