Wachs Commander – Description

wc1Wachs Commander (pronounced Wax Kommander) is a easy-to-use file/object management utility for the IBM i.

Wachs Commander simplifies the task of navigating around the disc storage on the IBM i and gives a good overview of files/objects in the directories/libraries. Wachs Commander gives easy selection of files/objects and copy, move, delete of groups of files/objects.

Wachs Commander works on the IFS and allows you to work with files/objects in any mounted file system, including the QSYS.LIB file system of cause 🙂

Wachs Commander works on the IFS of the IBM i. The advantage is, that Wachs Commander can work (in theory) on all file systems and directories on the IBM i. If you are used to work with PDM® you will experience that the way the objects are presented in libraries (file system /QSYS.LIB) is different than in PDM®. Objects are presented with their type as extension. Take a look at the picture to the top-right. In PDM® you would see a file presented as:


A word on files in the QSYS.LIB file system

When a library is seen from the IFS, database and source files are seen as directories. Wachs Commander will show database and source files as directories ( [ ] brackets around the name and >DIR< in the Size column). The members are seen as files/object inside the ‘file-directory’.


Wachs Commander requires app. 10 MB of disc.

Supported operating systems

To install, the executable JAR file requires Java V1.8 or newer.

Wachs Commander requires OS/400 V4R5M0 or newer.