The program you wish you have written

ncwcDo you know the feeling? There is that program, that you just wish you got the idea for and wrote? What program is it, you wish you have written? For me, that program is Norton Commander®.

In the last part of the 80’ies I got my first PC. It was running MS-DOS 3.10 and had two diskette drives each at 360KB. Later it was upgraded with a hard drive on 10 MB and then it started to be a little difficult to find my way around this huge hard drive 😉 One day I came across Norton Commander® and it was a success right from the start 🙂 I was really happy and I thought ‘If just it was me that got the idea for this brilliant program’.

wc1Since 1985 I have worked on IBM’s series of System/34, System/36, System/38, AS/400, iSeries, Power i and now IBM i and I have really missed good old Norton Commander®. I choose to do something about it, and as a tribute to Norton Commander® I have written Wachs Commander 🙂 It has the same look-and-feel as Norton Commander® and it gives easy navigation on the IBM i and easy management of objects and files 🙂

You are welcome to download and use Wachs Commander on your IBM i. Read more about it and download it from here:

» Wachs Commander

wc3Norton Commander is a registered trademark for Peter Norton Computing and later Symantec Corporation. Norton Commander was written by John Socha. The first version was released in 1986 and the last version for DOS came out in july 1998.

You can read more here: