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Releasing Wachs Commander

Wachs Commander (pronounced Wax Kommander) is a easy-to-use file/object management utility for the IBM i.

Releasing iInstall Reborn

How do you distribute your IBM i objects? Are you instructing your friends and customers to use FTP to transfer savefiles containing your software and/or fixes?

At last! Useable data from IBM i using FTP

There are quite many ways to get data from the IBM i to a PC. FTP is a relative simple method to use, however if the file contains packed or binary fields you end up having a PC file containing strange characters. You have to find another, and typically more complicated, method to do it…. Continue reading

Searching for files and objects in the IFS

The code examples in this article is based on the first version of the FindFiles() procedure. The FindFiles() procedure has been updated to Totally Free RPG and a bug have been fixed. You will find the source code, example and build script here. I am working on a utility and I wanted to add the… Continue reading