When was the last time you created a Windows batch file?

If the last time you wrote a Windows Batch file was back in the good ol’ MS-DOS or Windows 95 days, then time has come to step up and experience that Windows Command files is the new black 🙂

Today Windows Command files has grown into an advanced script language having many interesting features. The tool iInstall.Cmd uses many of the new features in order to install a Savefile on your iSeries. Continue reading

iInstall Reborn

iInstCrtJavaI am proud to announce that iInstall Reborn, the new version of iInstall, will be released during winter 2016.

iInstall Reborn is the tool to use for installing objects on a IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, Power i) in a very simple manner for the end user/customer.

iInstall Reborn has wizard style dialogues for the tool that creates the distribution packages as well as for the installation utility itself.

The new version is developed in Java and will use the JT400 toolkit. iInstall Reborn will focus on IBM i object installation and it will be able to install files/folders in the IFS as well as Library and Objects.

So, when will iInstall Reborn be ready? Some time during winter 2016.