ILE RPG procedures Proper-, Pascal- and CamelCase

These procedure converts a string to Proper-, Pascal- and CamelCase.

The routines will handle exception for certain words like ‘ApS’ (Danish company type), ‘A/S’ (Danish company type, ‘LTD’ (UK/US company type), ‘GmbH’ (German company type) and others. You can extend with type you need. Further, words starting with ‘Mc’ or ‘Mac’ will also be converted correctly.

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A replacement for DISPL

16 messages written to screen,

There are a number of shortcomings using DISPL, such as the message to display can be maximum 52 characters, you have to press [ENTER] for each line (which might be what you need in some situations). There is a method to circumvent these short comings, and that is what this article is about.

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ILE RPG procedure FindFiles() to search the IFS for files, version 2

This procedure searches the IFS tree structure (including sub-directories) for files and directories having a name that matches the mask 🙂

When a matching file or directory is found, a ‘File Found’ procedure is called. The ‘File Found’ procedure is one that you supply to process the found file/directory. An example of a ‘File Found’ procedure is supplied.

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ILE RPG procedure to convert a string to upper/lower case – fast

The two procedures described in this article, converts a string to upper or lower case. The conversion is done fast by using a combination of a translation API to provide the correct translation tables, which includes national characters for us with such, and then use the build in function %XLate to perform the actual translation very fast.

The speed of the convert is way faster than using SQL (Set B  = Upper(A) ) or translate APIs. These two methods will do the job if you just need to convert now-and-then. A batch job converting many fields/records will benefit from my fast routines.

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