When was the last time you created a Windows batch file?

If the last time you wrote a Windows Batch file was back in the good ol’ MS-DOS or Windows 95 days, then time has come to step up and experience that Windows Command files is the new black 🙂

Today Windows Command files has grown into an advanced script language having many interesting features. The tool iInstall.Cmd uses many of the new features in order to install a Savefile on your iSeries. Continue reading

What iSeries library is a CL program loaded from?

Most often when you develop a CL program, it is in order to use it as a ‘driver’ program for a RPG/ILE RPG/COBOL/C program. In order to make sure that the RPG/ILE RPG/COBOL/C program is called correctly you have to add the library containing the CL and RPG/ILE RPG program in question, or you can hard-code the library on the CALL command.

This is, however, not a flexible solution, as the CL and RPG/ILE RPG program cannot be copied to other libraries because the CL program will always call the RPG/ILE RPG program in the library hard-coded on the CALL command :-

Fortunately help is on it’s way 🙂 Continue reading